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Demos and samples provide the ability to experience Nexaweb applications live and then browse the code - all source code is freely available from

Obtaining the source code

The source code is available through a public Subversion source code repository. 
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Nexaweb provides following samples to help developers learn how to use the new features of Nexaweb Platform. Each new topic is demonstrated using both Java and Ajax clients. If any differences existed between the clients, these are noted in the description of individual samples.

Samples and Demos

Guide Highlights
EasyTraderAn example stock trading application with real-time data, charting, order entry and client side validation.  Also demonstrates incorporating 3rd party charting packages.
XPath-CodeDemonstrates using XPath API on datasets and UI DOM.
XModify-CodeDemonstrates using XModify statements to perform modifications on UI DOM.
Macros-CodeDemonstrates Macros capabilities within Nexaweb.
StrutsDemonstrates server side event handling using Struts framework.
Spring-iBATIS-NexawebDemonstrates the sample Nexaweb Java application with an embedded database and provides general guidelines on how to use an embedded database in a Nexaweb Java application
PrintDemonstrates Printing and reporting capabilities within Nexaweb.
Event Handling-CodeDemonstrates different server-side and client-side event handling.
LoginProvides a start to end workflow for taking input from the user, sending to the server and processing.
Web ServicesDemonstrates using SOAP requests in nexaweb application.
UI ExplorerExplores Nexaweb's user interface widget set.

Getting the Source

For more information about downloading the source and running your own copies visit the topic on obtaining the source code.

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