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To see what's new, what's changed and known issues with each version of Nexaweb products.

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Nexaweb Platform Release Notes

Platform 4.5 MRs
Platform 4.5.0
Platform 4.2 MRs
Platform 4.2.0
Platform 4.1 MRs
Platform 4.1.0

Nexaweb Studio Release Notes

Studio 5.1
Studio 4.0
Studio 3.5
Studio 3.0
Studio 2.4
Studio 2.3
Studio 2.2
Studio 2.1MR

Reference Framework Release Notes

RF 2.0 (view)

Backwards Compatibility

For a log of any changes impacting backwards compatibility see the backwards compatibility log (view).

Nexaweb Platform

  • Starting with version 4.0 Nexaweb platform is backwards source compatible with 4.x versions.
  • When new features are introduced there may be cases where syntax or interface changes - whenever possible a system flag will be introduced that provides backwards compatibility without modification of old code.
  • Review release notes for any changes.

Nexaweb Studio

Nexaweb Studio is based on Eclipse and Web Tools - these products change from time to time and these changes impact project structure.  Nexaweb will strive to ensure there is always a project migration path for projects.




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