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JIRA Issue No.Details
NXPSR-11187[JWS] The window title by JWS is not supporting the multi-byte character.
NXPSR-11189[JWS] Cookie encoding
NXPSR-11188[JWS] JNLP does not work correctly in implementation according to a template and a guide.

Defects resolved

Issue No.

NXPSR-11177The window title is not shown when we run it as the java web start

Loss of synchronous information when polling request causes a network error while ServerDOM is effective.

1. Added configuration in nexaweb-client.xml file -

Client-app/polling-request-without-dom: When set to true, the polling request will not send  DOM synchronous information. 

2. Added PollingRequestListener interface -

Using this interface, the user can investigate the cause of error in a polling request.

NXPSR-11183[Compatibility] When timeout of Nexaweb Session occurs, NullPointerException occurs by the server side.
NXPSR-11185When Platform 4.5.62GA is used, the error message of ProtocolQueue is printed to a server log.
NXPSR-11182The splash icon has been working using Nexaweb 4.5.62 0043 but it has stopped working with the 4.5.62 0061 version
NXPSR-11184use-http-request-header-for-session-id set to true does not allow multiple sessions
NXPSR-11161The "use-http-request-header-for-session-id" value in the jnlp should override the value from Nexaweb-client.xml