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Nexaweb Platform

Platform version 4.5.63

Version 4.5.63 (build 0027) April 2017 - Release Notes

Download Windows ( 63.9 MB) - Linux (86.4 MB) - MacOS (86.5 MB)

 Nexaweb Platform provides the Java EE runtime for developing enterprise focused rich web applications that support large data views, keyboard driven navigation and complex business logic.

NOTE: To install on Windows 8 or 8.1, you'll need to set compatibility mode for the executable to Windows 7.

Nexaweb Reference Framework

Reference Framework version 2.5.1 Build 2993 April 2016 - Zip file (7.22 MB) - Release Notes

Nexaweb Reference Framework provides pre-built navigation, security, screen management and permissions.

Platform for Modernization

Platform Version 4.5.49 Build 4596

March 2016 -  Windows ( 63.6 MB) - Linux (87.4 MB) - MacOS (37.1 MB) 

Release Notes

Looking for previous versions?  They are available here.

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